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AVÓH is a company established in the UAE to organize and manage events within the Middle East. AVÓH is an events management and communication agency.  We at AVÓH can help take some of the stress out of planning meetings or events for our clients. We work relentlessly to ensure our clients and their guests have an experience, which is of the highest quality. As professionals and specialists in the UAE, our team can provide the best expert knowledge and logistical support to ensure that you have an unforgettable event. AVÓH provides a turn-key solution for its partners and clients to ensure that events are of the highest standards and uniquely positioned to cater for both the client’s objectives and the guests’ experience.






Organizing an event can sometimes be overwhelming, especially when our clients are not located with in the Middle East.  There are many variables to consider – concept, decor, catering, logistics, transportation, venues, entertainment and more.  And, of course, it all needs to come together without fault on the day.  We realize the success of an event ultimately lies in ensuring that every detail is looked at and taken care of. We are able to create exciting events based on our experiences; we focus on every detail and on tailoring our services exactly to individual needs of our clients.

We combine passion, dedication and understanding with the brightest talent in the region to create bespoke communication solutions.  Our clients’ ideas and imagination are translated into live events – indoor and outdoor, exhibitions and brand experiences.



AVÓH brings together a team of experienced individuals with a common vision of organizing events that speak creativity, communicate a detailed thought process and provide something that is unique and exceptional.



We continuously improve our services. We look for new locations and watch new trends in technology, multimedia, graphic design, catering and other elements putting together cutting edge events.

Our process involves several stages, starting with an in depth understanding of your audiences and what we are communicating to them. We believe in the basic marketing rule; we segment, we target and we position; hence, our message reaches the right audience without any confusion.






What ingredients need to be mixed to CAPTIVATE the audience? This includes creating an event, which stimulates the senses. AVÓH believes any creation should INSPIRE and motivate the audience. Our responsibility is to our clients and hence their audience. We ensure that by inspiring the audience, the client’s brand value is heightened. We want to ensure a feeling of AMAZEMENT is created to ensure the guest’s experience is unforgettable. We think strategically of our business and objectives. We believe creative thought with cutting edge ideas and concepts is the key an event’s success.

With events that require marketing, AVÓH will develop smart marketing campaigns to ensure the right people know about the event. Utilizing AVÓH’s and its sister companies’ networks, we are able to attract focused sponsorship from corporates across the region. AVÓH will work with its clients to create customized sponsorship packs and carefully select targets according to the requirements of the client and type of event creativity and execution is at the forefront of AVÓH. It is our ability to imagine and create after understanding our clients’ requirements which allows us to develop concepts that set us aside from our piers. We believe that without giving the utmost importance to every aspect of delivery, we ourselves won’t be satisfied. Once the concept has been developed, all our time is allocated to execution, this ultimately determines the success of what we do. Our every event inspires us to keep creating.

AVÓH Events LLC   •   Dubai, UAE   •   P.O Box 44713

www.avoh.ae   •   info@avoh.ae   •   +971 (0)56 340 8550